The TV and film industry doesn’t just need the moving pictures.  It needs stills for promotion, marketing, social media and promotional material.  TV and Movie sets are highly specialised places and being able to shoot stills while critical scenes take place is a specialist photography activity. 

TV and Movie cameras are set up to capture particular shots within the scene and don’t always represent the whole scene.  This is where a still photographer can capture different angles, full scene views, behind the scenes etc.

Using the latest (and crucially completely silent) mirrorless cameras I am able to discreetly capture TV and movie stills as the action happens as well as behind the scenes imagery.

Working with directors, producers and script writers to understand the days planned scenes - as well as reading the script - allows me to plan still shoots to reflect the feel and genre of the TV or Film production.

Whatever the TV or Film budget I am able to help you get great production stills.  

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