When planning an event or production it can be extremely costly and time consuming to go scouting around the country looking at venues and locations to see if the will actually live up to the glossy brochure and meet the practical needs of your event.

Although specialising in the East Midlands we can visit any venue or location in the UK to capture images and videography to help with your research into the suitability of them for you project. 


We can capture all the normal venue images but also the more important elements such as access facilities, catering facilities, specific areas - outside / inside, rooms / angles.  In addition we are able to offer aerial drone imagery to help show scale, size and surrounding areas.

So whether it’s the wilds of the Derbyshire Peak District or the many historic sites around the country, whatever your next project is make sure that you have all the information and imagery you need before you commit to a location. 


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