These days you are your brand.  Having great images of your products and offices is one thing but it is YOU that customers will ultimately decide to work with.


Most business these days starts with a website visit - what does yours say about you ?  Customers want to see more of you in your business and who they are going to be doing business with.  The best first impressions have never been so important.  


It is not always easy to know how to show yourself and your business to others.  What you are most comfortable about though is your business.  Therefore, getting great images of you doing what you do best is what will show you at your best.  

I can help you create inspiring imagery that will appeal to your clients.  I work in partnership with my clients to understand their vision, ethics and branding to help create authentic images that show your customers who you are and what you stand for.

Not everyone feels a natural in front of camera so I always work with my clients to put them at ease by understanding what they are comfortable with.  We won't just be taking 'look into the camera' shots !  

.....'I've worked with Mike on a variety of projects, and he consistently produces great images and instantly makes people in front of the camera feel at ease.'.....

I like to visit the people I am photographing so it's always nice to meet up first and see what you do. We'll talk through what you are after and the messages you want to convey through your new images.  I have access to great make up artists and stylists if you want to include those as well - we'll make it what you need.

Costs - you are investing in you and your business.  There isn't a one size fits all so whether it is just some headshot photography that you want or a full business portfolio of images for you to use as you wish get in contact and we can discuss what you need.

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