Covid-19 Update - We're open !

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

As the country starts a gradual return to a new normal I have been able to restart the business with the appropriate safety measures in place to ensure that all jobs can be done safely and in line with the latest guidance.


I'm starting to get plenty of enquiries about future events and whether photography can be done. Planners are already looking ahead to events where photography can be done 'normally' but in the short term a lot of clients are looking at events that can be done in a socially distanced way. Most event photography takes place at a distance anyway so this is actually an easy thing to achieve. It is perfectly possible to keep a social distance between photographer and guest and capture great images. Using a backdrop set up at an event in an allocated part of the function allows for guests to be managed in a distanced way and to be photographed individually without any need to be close to anyone else or touch anything as part of the process.


After such a long break it is quite probable that your business has new faces, new teams, new structures etc. To help relaunch your business you might like to get headshots of your people to promote your return . This is something that is quite achievable now in a socially distanced manner. A mobile studio can be set up in a dedicated part of your business and staff members moved through one at a time in a safe flow to be able to capture their image without the need to interact with any equipment or touch anything. If preferred then a Nottingham based studio is available where people can attend in a safe and well laid out structured socially distanced environment to capture headshots.

Business profiles / personal branding

Businesses are having to change and adapt certainly in the short term and you will want to show that your business is open, changed, ready and good to go again. You might have new store / business / product layouts, processes etc. that you want to promote to show that you are again raring to go but also to promote the fact that you are following the guidelines and doing things safely. I can now attend all environments to capture up to date images that you can use.

General Covid-19 photography precautions

Before any photography will take place then we will talk through what is required and agree what will be done to ensure that it can be done in line with all current guidelines and safety requirements - this will include:

  • All equipment used by the photographer will be thoroughly disinfected before, regularly during and after each session

  • Hand sanitiser will be regularly used during all sessions

  • Face masks will be worn indoors by all photography staff attending

  • All photography staff will be temperature checked prior to any meeting. Any reports of ill health with photography staff will result in that person not attending and or the photography sessions being rescheduled

  • Any photography staff that have symptoms of Covid-19 will follow all recommended guidelines and will not work in the business until given the all clear to return to work

  • The recommended social distance will be maintained at all times

  • All business communications will be digital in terms of booking, payments and delivery of images

It's been a very strange time for all of us and business especially are having to look at how they do business - we are all still learning. But as we all emerge from this and blink in the new daylight we will I am sure find a new way of working together. Obviously we will all look forward to the day that we can return to normal and that business can include a human handshake, not having to wear masks and just generally be around others - I am sure that day will return. But in the meantime let's stick with it, keep safe, follow the guidelines and just try and make this work.

As you plan your return if you want images to help get you moving again please get in contact and we can talk through what you need.

Take care - stay safe.


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