Photography in the new normal....

So the enquiries and bookings are starting to come back in - hooray ! - but along with it a lot of questions about how work can be done in a Covid-19 conscious way. It's a complicated and worrying time for everyone as they struggle to reboot their businesses and try and establish themselves as a safe and welcoming environment. There are a lot of basic things that can be done which we should all be following as a matter of course but there are also some specific approaches out there to help show that things can be done in relation to specific industries. To that end I have just taken and passed the exam (20 out of 20 - go me !) with Screenskills on a Coronavirus awareness course that is specifically designed for professionals working in media production (Film, TV, Photography). Very interesting to see the different scenarios that it covers and really made me think about some of the situations that just would not have come to mind previously so worth the effort to complete this. It's definitely not just about wearing a mask and having a bottle of sanitiser on hand !

Always learning.....

Keep safe and see you soon !


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