I am lucky to have been invited and commissioned to photograph at many prestige sporting events.  What started out as a bit of a sideline passion turned into one of my most enjoyable photography activities.

I like my sports images to tell a story of the event.  So yes of course the action shots are important but I also like to capture pre game, post game and off pitch images that show the event as a whole occasion - the good and the bad times.

My clients trust me to allow me AAA to their games meaning that I can mingle with teams, players, athletes discreetly making sure that whilst I am in the heart of the action and game I never interfere with the activities taking place.  I pride myself on reading games and events to know where I should or shouldn't be and always follow the directions of managers, coaches and stewards.

I work with media teams to provide images pre game and during the game to help them promote the games as they happen.

I travel worldwide taking sports images and continue to push myself into more and more sports as I love the challenge of shooting a new sport for the first time.