Social Media Photography and Film Subscription

A successful social media presence demands quickly updated and regular content to keep followers hooked into your brand and offering. Many channels fail quickly because they do not create enough or regular content.


Easier said than done !


You don’t always know what you need to produce and when but when you do you need it created quickly.  With that in mind I have created a subscription service that allows you to spread your social media budget over the whole year and for that you buy an amount of monthly photography, film or both that you can use as you wish to create the content you need.  This means that each month you will have a guaranteed allotted amount of photography and or film services that you can call on.  If you don’t need the services in a particular month then you just roll that time over to the next month.


  • Much more reactive

  • You don’t have to worry about scheduling and budgeting one off projects

  • Keeps your social media budget spend manageable by splitting it over a whole year

  • You get to focus on the content - products, services, announcements - we will deal with all the technical stuff

  • Gets you guaranteed photography and or film time each month

  • Any unused time can be rolled over to use later 

  • Subscriptions can include time in the studio, on site at your business, other locations

For more information on how a subscription social media service can help your business please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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